Information about Care Collective


Who are we?

We are a group of WA people passionate about informed choice and real control for Aussies living with a disability and their families. Over many coffees, lunches and San Churros, we shared our experiences and visions for the future under NDIS. In November 2015 we won the  RAC SeedSpark ‘Better WA’ category and in 2016 Care Collective was born!

What we're about...

  • We are a community supporting people with a disability and their families

  • We're about making life simpler, safer and more enjoyable for people with disabilities by unlocking individual productivity and building community spirit

  • We utilise technology as a powerful tool to connect people with a disability to diverse communities

  • We help you discover a diverse range of disability services by connecting you to local support workers, therapists and more

  • We link people with a disability and their families to disability friendly events, jobs, equipment and social groups

  • We provide an independent space for people with disabilities to share expertise, experiences and support

  • We understand that peer to peer learning builds capacity of individuals and communities

  • We exist to bring communities together

    We are an Australian social enterprise.