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PATCHES is committed to delivering evidence-based therapy and support for children and young people with developmental or disability issues, working within a systems approach that values family, community and context. We believe that early diagnosis of developmental delay or disability, and early intervention and support, will help children and families to reach their true potential. The PATCHES model includes up-skilling local health staff, case-workers, teachers and parents, and providing Telehealth support. If clients choose PATCHES as their partner for ongoing therapy and support, we provide this in the home, school or community environment. In partnership with families, schools and other service providers, we deliver goal-oriented, evidence-based therapy and support programs, and evaluate these through a research partnership with Telethon Kids Institute, a leading Western Australian research institute.

PATCHES is able to deliver therapy in the Kimberley as a registered service provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (WA-NDIS).

PATCHES is able to deliver therapy programs for children, adolescents, parents and carers. For more information on these please click on the links below and see our referrals page to refer to these programs:
The Alert Program®

Carer Support Program
The Carer Support Program can be delivered as a 2 day group facilitated training workshop for parents, carers, educators or health professionals.

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