Hi, my name is Rodney & I am the founder of AbbiCare. I came into the care industry after deciding to take care of my mother who refused to go into a home care environment. Due to my mothers' age & condition, it meant that I would eventually have to give up working so I went on a cert III aged care course.

While doing my inturn I realised that delivering care to people was the best & most rewarding feeling that I had ever felt that gave up my existing self-employed job and became a carer in aged care facilities.

I delivered & learnt in a broad spectrum of care such as mental health, disabilities and of course, personal care but had to eventually give my new career up again to be at home with my mum 24/7.

While I was taking care of my ole mum, and having had small business experience, I decided that this feeling of compassion & passion needed to be kept in my life so my spare time was spent in investigative researched on how I can best serve people in the disability &/or aged care sectors.

I knew that I wanted to promote the power of positive thinking, self-belief to live life proactively at any age and by doing so, my vision and energy will help others.

My research meant that I had to help finance my passion, which meant, that I had to also offer affordable products so I am now NDIS approved for assistive products and sell one of my products right around Australia already.

My real passion is providing a service and is still at planning stages as there is a lot of, rightfully so, red tape, that needs to be completed before I present my services for NDIS approval.

I am successful & very experienced in Business and Travel and therefore I have a wealth of knowledge to offer others by delivering a coaching & mentoring service. But I can only support people with self-managed funds at the moment.

Even at my age (not telling!) I am energetic with a drive to succeed in anything because I believe life is a continual learning experience and what we put into it determines our happiness. We just need to find the right switch which I am happy to say that I found mine!

These are just a few of what I can mentor you in - Basic accounting, profit & loss, sales & marketing, logo design creation and Branding. What will sell & what won’t from your ideas.

Other outcomes are; customer service techniques, woocommerce WordPress website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you're online savvy, we'll basically be an organic version of seo!

My evidence is right here, doing more research on how to Brand & get exposure, writing this Bio for you and already selling my Mobile SOS emergency response GPS Trackers right around Australia through my website & writing quotes for my amazing folding power wheelchair for people that want to unlock the secrets of travel..

So, if you have a passion, no matter your age, give me a call & book appointment & let's see how I can best serve you, I'll be affordable and informative.

The first appointment it's free so you have nothing to lose. If you're outside Perth Metro, no worries here are other ways of us having a face-to-face appointment.

WhatsApp- +61449703286
Skype- rodney.e.m.coleman

btw, once you step into the realms of realising your dreams, I'm at the end of the phone whenever you want to swap your idea (2 am in the morning?, don't think so!) for my feedback on something, I'm not a nine to five type of service. (trust me, you'll be happy that I've said this).

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