Tjina Maala

The Tjina Maala Centre (Wongi for 'going on a journey) part of the Ability Centre, is an initiative that aims to provide assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Western Australia (WA) who are caring for someone with a disability.

The Centre aims to raise the awareness of services and funding available for families, and provide assistance in understanding information around caring for people with a disability.

The Tjina Maala Centre currently employs two Community Engagement Officers, who can assist with:
◦ linking to relevant services
◦ explaining what supports families can access
◦ filling out forms
◦ health and medical appointments.

Families do not need a diagnosis or referral to access information and support. Based at Lotteries House, 42 Wilson Street, Kalgoorlie.

The Centre was developed as an outcome of the Pika Wiya Kuthupa project (Wongi 'not sick, different one'), which aims to investigate the needs of Aboriginal families caring for a child with a disability in the Goldfields region of WA.

The Tjina Maala Centre is an initiative of Ability Centre:

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