I need LOVE too! Children's picture books on disabilities.

A set of 5 books. Books can be purchased individually.
1) I need LOVE too!
Siblings of children with special needs often feel left out and neglected as their parents’ attention are usually focused on the care of their child with special needs. This is the parent guide that has notes on how parents can deal with sibling rivalry between their child with special needs and their other children. There is also an extensive glossary that explains medical terms and conditions mentioned in the picture books.

This book is strongly recommended to be used in conjunction with the picture books in this series.

2) Josh with Cerebral Palsy
This book is from a child’s perspective of growing up with a twin with cerebral palsy.

This book is useful for children aged 7 years old and above to learn more about what cerebral palsy is and about the equipment and medical procedures that children with cerebral palsy commonly encounter.

3) Mike with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
This book is told from the perspective of a child who has a younger sibling with autism.

This book is useful for children 7 years old and above to be made aware of some of the unusual behaviours that children with autism typically display.

4) My feelings on having a sibling with disability.
This is told from the perspective of a young child who has a sibling with special needs and is feeling neglected by her parents.

This book is useful for any young child who has difficulty expressing his/her feelings about having to live with a sibling with special needs.

5) Tori with Down Syndrome
This story is told from the perspective of a young child who has an older sibling with Down Syndrome.

This book is useful for children 7 years old and above to know more about what Down Syndrome is and also the medical problems that children with Down Syndrome usually face and the therapies that a child with Down Syndrome might need from a very young age.

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Target group age:
Early Childhood
Late adolescence / Post-school
Aged Care

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