SOUND FOR LIFE - Sound Therapy: Integrated Listening Systems

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), a form of sound therapy, uses filtered music with movement, to act on auditory processing, sensory processing, attention, and consequently on behaviour, anxiety and language.

The iLs programs play classical music that has been acoustically modified to provide enhanced or filtered signals in certain frequencies, as specific frequencies are believed to be correlated to certain brain functions. The music is loaded on an iPod paired with special headphones which deliver it through both air and bone conduction (a low volume vibration that is conducted by bone to the cochlea and vestibular system). Simultaneous to the auditory component, the user engages in visual, vestibular and motor exercises which maximize the interaction of the systems outlined in the above diagram.

It is non- invasive and can be used for children and adults.


Clients who demonstrate delays and/or difficulties in any of the following areas:

Speech, Language
Written Expression & Reading Comprehension
Social Communication, Behaviour
Motor Skills
Processing speed
Sensory Processing

Occupational Therapist
Social Worker
Speech Pathologist
Music Therapist
Art Therapist
Therapy Assistants

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