Sensory Connections Occupational Therapy Services Pty Ltd

We are a private paediatric occupational therapy practice based at 104 Keightley Road West, Shenton Park, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. We are based in a comfortable home like environment with a range of spaces including a large gym and smaller therapy rooms.
Our team of therapists are committed to supporting children to reach their potential and to empower parents with the knowledge and skills that they need to support their children's development.
We work with children with autistic spectrum disorders, developmental delays, regulatory and sensory processing disorders, motor based disorders including dyspraxia, attentional and learning disorders as well as a range of other neurodevelopmental challenges. The age group we currently work with, range from infancy through to adolescence.
Our practice provides a range of paediatric occupational therapy and Speech and Language Pathology services for children with a range of needs including those wanting to improve.

Sensory modulation and sensory processing,
Development of Emotional regulation,
Attention and Learning,
Social Emotional Development including social engagement and social interaction with peers,
Motor based challenges including motor planning and sequencing, balance, coordination, and bilateral integration,
Problem solving and thinking skills,
Play skills,
Fine motor skills in the hand,
Visual - perception,
Self care and independence in activities of daily living,
Developmental Pre-cursors to Language development,
Specific language disorders / delays across understanding and using language,
Auditory processing difficulties,
Childhood Apraxia of speech,
Speech sound disorders,
Symbolic Play development,
Preparation for transition to school,
Phonological awareness challenges and literacy difficulties (reading, reading comprehension and spelling).

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