One2One Individualised Services Inc

One2One provides individualised direct care services within Disability Services Commission Support Programs, Community Living and Family Living Initiatives and in other sectors of Western Australian community services.

One2One is focused on developing partnerships with individuals and families seeking self-directed support services.

One2One will assist people to live in their home and lifestyle of choice. This may be in their family home, living alone, living with friends, living with visiting support, living with co-resident support or living with a Homeshare Family.

One2One offers a Shared Management model of service which encourages individuals/families to share in the management of their individual funding at the level that they prefer. One2One offers the option of fully coordinated services if required.

Individuals/families can choose which elements of their support that they will direct (eg. Employing staff, supervising staff, training staff, budgeting, day to day coordination of your services etc.)

Capacity to participate in Shared Management is determined by an individual or their family’s desire and commitment to self-direct their support at some level, and their ability to understand the obligations and responsibilities of Shared Management.

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