Stepping Stones Therapy Services

Private Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services

At Stepping Stones Therapy Services, we provide Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services primarily to children and young adolescents. Please consult your local hospital for information regarding health professionals who work with adults.

We take a nurturing/friendly approach to examining your child's current skills levels, and determine the areas (if any) of their development that require assistance.

Assessment and therapy principles are non invasive, and we will try to ensure that your child is always happy and comfortable within the session. You, as a parent/caregiver, will always be welcomed to be a part of the therapy process, to ensure that your child is most comfortable, and so that you can fully understand the therapy approach to continue with this in your own time at home.

Most importantly, at Stepping Stones Therapy Services our therapy services are FUN and ENGAGING for your children, so that they learn to enjoy working on their targeted skills!

Why choose Private services?

​Generally speaking, Paediatricians or other health care professionals may recommend that you consult private therapy services (as opposed to accessing Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services through Government agencies) for a more in-depth approach to therapy. At Stepping Stones Therapy Services, we will NOT define the amount of sessions that you can receive, nor the frequency that these occur. This means that, if you want your child to receive ongoing therapy (for example due to a severe disability), you will not be restricted to a limited number of sessions available or monthly appointments, but will have the option to come weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and for as long as you like until your child has reached his/her personal goals.

Stepping Stones Therapy Services also has a goal to reduce (and completely eliminate if possible!) waiting times for therapy and assessment, which may be another reason for choosing to access private services. By choosing to visit Stepping Stones Therapy Services, you will know that your child will be seen as fast as physically possible.
Private services also unfortunately do come with out-of-pocket expenses; please see funding information below to see if this may assist you/your child.

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