You're invited to our SleepTempStudy clinical trial

If you would like to be part of our clinical trial of thermoregulation bedding and you...

  • have cerebral palsy (or a similar condition)
  • are aged between 6 and 18 years
  • get too hot or sweaty when you sleep
  • live within 3 hours of Perth

....please contact Sue for further information.

Phone 0403 285 855


Does your child get too hot, too cold, sweaty or uncomfortable during sleep?
Would you like to participate in a research study about this, and receive special 'thermoregulation bedding' ?​

​Sue McCabe has been running a clinical trial of the special bedding, as part of her PhD studies, and is seeking ​final group of ​participants , for Term 3, 2017.

People may participate if they:
- are aged 6-18 years
- have CP or like condition
- have difficulties with sleep and have problems with managing their body temperature/thermal comfort
- live within 3 hours drive of Perth

There are additional criteria, related to ​your capacity to undertake the 8 weeks bedding trial (such as not likely to remove the skin temperature sensors, not expecting to have surgery or other medical interventions in that time period) and ​Sue would go through these with​ before you decide to proceed.

Need more information?
​So far, 15 children have completed this clinical trial. ​Sue is hoping to include 7 more participants for term 3.

​​Each trial takes place over 8 week period, during school weeks. Each child receives bedding sets (mattress topper, quilt, pillowcover) which are made with standard polyester fibre or with special Outlast phase change thermoregulation material (see for more information about this material). After 4 weeks using bedding set 1, they are provided with the other type to use for 4 more weeks. ​​A​ll ​children get to use and keep both types of bedding. ​The sets look and feel identical, so the child, parent and ​Sue can't tell which is which. It's triple​-​blinded​ (the different types are identifiable by a numerical code; another person knows what those codes mean, and has done the randomisation​ and labeled the bedding as set1 or set2 for each participant)​.​

​The outcome measures are physiological and objective (body temperature, skin temperature, sleep, heart rate variability, salivary melatonin and cortisol), undertaken for four nights in week 2 of each bedding phase; and they are qualitative /participation measures (​some sleep questionnaires, and telephone call about what your goals would be for better sleep and thermoregulation) at the beginning and end of each bedding phase.​ All measures have been previously trialed with ​​children in their home settings​, and the study has ethics approval through Edith Cowan University's Human Research Ethics Committee.​

​Please contact Sue if you have any questions or would like more information:​
telephone - 0403 285 855
email -

Acquired brain injury
Chronic illness
Hearing loss and deafness
Mental and psychological
Speech and language disorders
Visual loss and blindness
Target group age:
Early Childhood
Late adolescence / Post-school
Aged Care
Contact number: 0403285855

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