Drycare Absorbent Bed Pad with Waterproof Backing

The Drycare Absorbent Bed Pad is designed to absorb and draw away moisture from the surface deep into it‘s fibres. RMIT Textitle Testing Services tested our Drycare Absorbent Bed Pad and results showed that this product has a total capacilty of 2.9 litres

Absorbent Bed Pads act as a "blotter" in the sense that they absorb and draw away moisture from the surface deep into it‘s fibres. When combined with the laminated PU waterproof backing, the bed pad draws moisture away from the skin holding the moisture within the sheet. The sheet itself consists of 3 layers of fabric, which are quilted together. The one closest to the skin is made out of brushed polyester which provides a stay dry surface whilst the second layer is made out of needled rayon/polyester. the 3rd layer consists of Pu fabric creating a waterproof layer to prevent fuild escaping. "Wings" or flaps are then attached to each edge for tucking under the mattress to keep the pad in place. The wings used in the Confident Care Absorbent Bed Pads are heavy duty and constructed from polyester and cotton.

XD100-SB-LAM 100 x 100cm

NDIS categories:
1. Assistance with Daily Life
2. Transport
3. Consumables
4. Assistance with Social & Community Participation
5. Assistive Technology
6. Home Modifications
7. Coordination of Supports
8. Improved Living Arrangements
9. Increased Social and Community
10. Finding and Keeping a Job
11. Improved Relationships
12. Improved Health and Wellbeing
13. Improved Learning
14. Improved Life Choices
15. Improved Daily Living

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