Carer Support Program

The PATCHES-Paediatrics Carer Support Program is designed to help families, carers and educators working closely with children and adolescents who demonstrate challenging behaviours, to better understand their behaviours and how these behaviours impact those around them.

The Program is practical by design and highly informative. It helps individuals learn to cope with their feelings and experiences when caring and supporting a child or adolescent who demonstrates problematic behaviours, either within the home, the classroom or the playground. The Program goes beyond standard behaviour management strategies and concentrates on improving caregiving systems through knowledge-based strategies that almost anyone can adopt.

Program Outline:

The Carer Support Program can be undertaken in 6 or 12 individualised sessions for families/carer or as a group facilitated training workshop for educators.
* Identification of individual needs / pre-assessment 
* Psychoeducation - empowering participants to understand the behaviours associated with conditions such as FASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, early life trauma, intellectual disability and developmental delay (as applicable) 
* Learning how to improve a child’s attachment bonds and their role in relationships 
* Developing self-awareness and understanding of how our own personal journey impacts on how we respond to challenging behaviours 
* Changing our own thoughts and feelings to better reflect positive attachment and improve the child / adolescent / adult relationship 
* Brain-based limit and boundary-setting compatible to children with developmental difficulties
* Post-assessment discussions and evaluation

The Carer support program can be delivered as a 2 day group facilitated training workshop for parents, carers, educators or health professionals.


6 - 12 Individualised Therapy Sessions *

$1,200 - $2,400 (+GST)

OR Group Facilitated Training Workshop, up to 20 attendees (with 1 or 2 highly experienced Behavioural Therapists)

$2,000 - $3,000 per day (+GST)

  • In some circumstances families may be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate
Acquired brain injury
Chronic illness
Hearing loss and deafness
Mental and psychological
Speech and language disorders
Visual loss and blindness
Meet the team: David Szczecinski
WA NDIS registered: Yes
Target group age:
Early Childhood
Late adolescence / Post-school
Aged Care
Years experience: 40
Suburbs and regions serviced: WA-wide
Contact number: 08 6280 1259

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